Families of Antebellum Missouri

Strafford, Greene County, Missouri



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Bass, John Alfred  9 Feb 1896Strafford, Greene County, Missouri I1458
2 Bebout, Jamie Wayne  24 Feb 1931Strafford, Greene County, Missouri I1078
3 Berry, Alexander Russell  26 Feb 1852Strafford, Greene County, Missouri I5242
4 Campbell, Ernest E.  5 Feb 1887Strafford, Greene County, Missouri I3651
5 Whitlock, Armer A.  8 May 1900Strafford, Greene County, Missouri I4538
6 Willis, Delmar Wayne  20 May 1932Strafford, Greene County, Missouri I1825
7 Willis, Glenn Thomas  13 Nov 1921Strafford, Greene County, Missouri I1812


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Death    Person ID 
1 Akins, Martha L.  26 Sep 1917Strafford, Greene County, Missouri  I6662
2 Allen, Edith T.  20 Jan 1938Strafford, Greene County, Missouri  I6656
3 Andrews, Hurston Lawrence  26 Dec 2001Strafford, Greene County, Missouri I2271
4 Barnes, Sarah Adeline  13 Sep 1936Strafford, Greene County, Missouri I1433
5 Bass, Andrew Jackson  15 May 1864Strafford, Greene County, Missouri I1444
6 Campbell, George G.  17 Jun 1911Strafford, Greene County, Missouri  I6658
7 Coffman, Carl Andrew  8 Aug 1973Strafford, Greene County, Missouri I1492
8 Cowan, Frank G.  13 Jun 1935Strafford, Greene County, Missouri I1010
9 Holloway, Wanda Beatrice  12 Jan 2011Strafford, Greene County, Missouri I2272
10 Kesterson, Dora Iness  13 Oct 1948Strafford, Greene County, Missouri  I6821
11 Prater, Letitia  14 Apr 1886Strafford, Greene County, Missouri  I4805
12 Robertson, John Greene  22 May 1937Strafford, Greene County, Missouri I1004
13 Womack, Henry Barton  7 Apr 1924Strafford, Greene County, Missouri  I6660


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   Family    Marriage    Family ID 
1 Sutherlin / Bass  26 Jun 1910Strafford, Greene County, Missouri F620